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Thirteen years of hard struggle, Jonan staff have a good governance. Professional mechanical and electrical products parts, stamping parts manufacturer, Jonan, is a major supplier of many famous companies both at home and abroad; annual production value of nearly 1.5 billion RMB, 2.1 billion pieces of annual output; today, we Laying a Solid Foundation and spur with long accumulation! New age, new situation, new journey, diligent Jonan staff restart together with vigorous pace!
Companies adhering to the precision manufacturing business pursued and love, continue to improve the design, manufacturing and processing technology, to create its influential brand, to become a world-class professional manufacturing enterprises, contribute to the development of the national industry of our country, its excellent operating performance and society, the return to shareholders.


Jonan chronicle of events


1993, Yueqing Jonan electrical component factory (the predecessor of the company) was established, is committed to professional design, manufacture all kinds of stamping parts. In 1997 the company changed its name to Wenzhou Jonan metal parts manufacturing Co., Ltd., in 1998 the company is the first factory pass through the ISO9000 international quality management system certification than others. Through continuous development, company become Zhejiang Jonan metal parts manufacturing Co., Ltd. In 2005. The company in adhere to provide customers with quality products, quality service concept, and constantly introduce high-tech talent, has invested heavily, and constantly improve the software and hardware equipment, strictly regulate the production process, to improve the quality and level of service. Business continued to grow and develop, stable for the Chint Group, TCL group, Fato Group, people group, Delixi Group, Tengen Group, and other well-known domestic enterprises provide ancillary products and services.


In 2002, the company was awarded the "advanced enterprise title" issued by the city's miniature circuit breaker industry association, and was awarded the title of "2002 advanced collaboration units".


In 2003, in January, the company received the city Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision issued by the "qualified units" title. At the end of the year, the company won the honorary title of "2003 top ten outsourcing factory", "2003 outstanding supplier.


In 2004, the company was awarded the "advanced enterprise" title of the city's miniature circuit breaker industry association.


In 2005, the company make great efforts to construct modernization industrial park in Yueqing Economic Development Zone, which covers 8000 square meters, construction covers 15000 square meters. The company obtained "2005 advanced supplier" title. 8 months, the company became the fourth Council Members of the city of miniature circuit breakers association .

In 2006, the company invested more than 3000 million RMB to build Jonan industrial park and move in the park at end of the year. The company was awarded the "2005-2006 annual outstanding supplier " issued by the city's miniature circuit breaker industry association.


In 2007, through continuous efforts, the company built more than 10 stamping production lines, more than 200 units all kinds of size stamping equipments, set the mold development and manufacturing center, stamping testing center. The company is gradually to the development of automatic stamping. The company was awarded the "2007 Top 50 enterprises" issued by Liushi Town People's government.


In 2008, the performance of the company steady developed in the financial crisis. Jonan actively organized donations for the sufferers of Wenchuan earthquake in MAY. Company's relief funds are passed to the people in disaster areas through the Yueqing charity Federation. Through continuous efforts, according to the vendor management approval documents, Jonan was approved as Delixi environmental supplier. The company obtained "2008 year outstanding enterprise". Company became the fifth Council Members of the city of miniature circuit breakers association in November. At the end of the year, company was awarded 2008 annual "top 50 enterprises" title issued by Liushi Town People's government.


In 2009, through continuous efforts, the company bought 10 high speed precision punching equipments, increase production capacity about 20%, and improve product quality steadily. Improve the management philosophy, management level and on a new level. February, the leadership of the company won honorary title of "2008 outstanding entrepreneurs". March, the company make a contribution to formulation implementation and supervision of standards as a drafter of "miniature circuit breaker Industry Alliance standard “ .The company is also " qualified supplier " of MCB Association in Yueqing city. May, the company passed the Chinese CHINT group environmental supplier certification. December, company was awarded 2008、2009 annual "top 50 enterprises" title issued by MCB Association in Yueqing city.


In 2010, the company awarded the "integrity of private enterprise" certificate issued by the municipal Party committee and industrial and commercial bureau in Yueqing city. CHINT issued 2010 annual "production management advanced supplier". Company became the sixth Council Members of miniature circuit breakers association in Yueqing city.


2011, company award 2011 annual “supplier production management excellence award” issued by CHINT.2010-2011 star enterprise. 2011 annual charity company. 2011 outstanding enterprises.


2012, won the 2012 annual outstanding enterprises, 2012 annual industry top ten enterprises, won the 2012 annual "supplier's production management award" issued by Chint.


2013, won the "top 50 enterprises", 2013 annual "star enterprise", won the 2013 annual "production and management of Supplier Excellence Award" issued by Chint and cooperated with Taiwan Huisheng company as strategic partner.


2014, cooperated with Tengen Group as strategic partner. 32 dieing machines, realize full automation operation.


2015, 2015 may company start listing work on New OTC Market. August Jonan completed restructuring into a limited company. Wenzhou safety production standardization in enterprises, national first private bank and commercial bank shareholders. All the way along, Jonan adhere to the faith of "to be ordinary, the pursuit of excellence", created more and more excellent performance. Committed to customization for each customer, provide personalized products and services. A new starting point, new journey, we work hard, only for your satisfaction.


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